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Seminar on "Role of Money in Politics & Elections"

The role of money in politics and elections:

A conference was held on 27th at 11 am at Neelam Rajasekhara Reddy Research Center on the topic "Politics, the role of money in elections. In this program chaired by Neelam Rajasekhara Reddy Research Center Director Dr. Kilaru Purnachandra Rao, Sri N. Venugopal, Editor, Veekshanam participated as speaker.

In his speech, Venugopal garu said that funds to political parties are only the good that can be seen at the end of the mountain. It is said that the influence of money in politics is widespread. The government said it was unreasonable to say that by donating to political parties through 'electoral bonds', the influence of black money will be reduced and transparency will increase. Individuals, communities of individuals, companies, corporate organisations in 29 branches of the State Bank of India, which operates under the Central Finance Department, buy these bonds for 40 days a year and give them to the political parties of their choice. Those political parties can deposit them in their accounts within 15 days. The ruling party will get this information but not other parties. The State Bank of India has handed over the details to the Election Commission as the Supreme Court ordered to provide these details. If you look at the details kept in the Election Commission website, there are some things that will be exciting. If 1300 companies have to donate, out of that 700 companies have exact details and no one knows the businesses they are doing. Some companies published profits and losses bought up to ten times the profits shown in the report and donated to political parties. Some companies have bought electoral bonds within few months of starting. It's amazing that the profits are donated before they're out of hand. Enforcement Directorate, C. B. Companies donated through electoral bonds in the ruling party within months of attacks by central government departments like Ai and Incontacts. Sarath Chandra Reddy, who became an approver in the Delhi liquor scam, donated heavily to the ruling party through electoral bonds immediately after getting bail, then you can understand the scandalous aspect of this scheme. According to Election Commission rules, what. P,

M. L. Which candidates are spending money. The expenses spent by candidates in elections are considered as investment and are getting huge profits on it. Looking at the details of the assets that the candidates are disclosing in the series of election affidavits, we can see their assets increase by 50 to 100 percent in five years.

If Bharatiya Janata Party gets Rs 12900 crores including electoral bonds, trust funds and donations, that party will have spent Rs 2790 crores in 2019 elections. If you observe this, it is clear that political parties are getting money in the form of black money. Increasing role of money in politics and elections has become dangerous to democracy.

Dr. Purna Chandra Rao has given examples of Ambedkar's comments while speaking. 'The right to vote is equal for all, they have expressed doubt on how active the poor can play due to the differences in social and economic conditions. In 1950s and 60s, the common man and middle class people could stand in elections, now only the rich can stand in elections. N. R. R . C Convenor Sri P. J. The meeting ended with the salutation of Chandra Sekhararao.



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