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Open Air Theater, Park & Walking Track Inaugurated.

“Chandra Rajeshwera Rao relentlessly worked for the development of weaker sections through out his life. He has sacrificed entire his ancestral property for the poor and shelterless toiling sections” stated Suravaram Sudhakara Reddy, former General Secretary, CPI, and honourary president of CR Foundation,while inaugurating Dasari Nagabhushana Rao park, walking track and resting benches for old age people. Dasari Nagabhushana Rao tirelessly worked for establishing CR Foundation and old age Home.

Allu Aravind noted film producer inaugurated Chandra Rajeshwera Rao Kalakshetra I.e. open air theatre. Allu Aravind is son of Allu Ramalingaiah, popular comedian of olden days and very active in IPTA.

Both these projects are financed and executed by Mallampati Murali , Managing Director, Agastya Agro Ltd and Mallampati Venkateshwera Rao, Retired scientist, CSIR. Programme was presided and addressed by Dr K Narayana, president and Palla Venkata Reddy, Ex. MLA, general secretary, V Chennakeshava Rao, Treasurer, CR Foundation, Kunamneni Sambasivarao, Telangana state secretary, CPI, Vandemataram Srinivas, eminent music Director,R Venkaiah, national president. AIKS, Madala Ravi, Vice-President of Movie Artists Association (MAA), son of Madala Ranga Rao,K Pratap Reddy, Telangana martyrs memorial Trust, Vanaja, central executive committee member, CPI, Chennamaneni Venkateshwara Rao, Secretary, ABK Prasad, former editor Andhra Prabha,Ratnakar Rao, Dr Rajini, Director, Health Centre and National secretary, NFIW,Krishnakumari, director, women’s welfare Center,Dr Saraswati, Palle Narsimha, state general secretary, IPTA, Srinivas, etc have attended.

Suravaram Sudhakara Reddy while addressing has thanked Mallampati Venkateshwer Rao and Mallampati Murali who have financed and executed walking track and open air theatre and resting benches. While Sudhakara Reddy, addressing after inaugurating walking track,has stated that CR was a terror to communal forces. At the same time he was an affectionate leader for agricultural labour and other toiling sections. Many have sent donations as we have constructed old age home on CR’s name.Many have come forward to donate liberally for construction of second storey also. Even Chief ministers also have inaugurated. Walking track is more useful to boarders of this old age home. Open air theatre is useful for cultural activities mostly in summer.Abig hall was constructed on the name of Indrajit Gupta. Such open air theatre is being constructed in Bengali market of New Delhi near Ajoy Bhavan. Allu Ramalingaiah comedian as leader of IPTA has played an active role. IPTA and Prajanatyamandali has played vital role in Indian political arena. As eminent poet Kaloji Narayana Rao stated “one little ink will make move lakhs of people to revolt.” IPTA poems and songs moved lakhs of people in historic glorious Telangana armed struggle.

Dr K Narayana, President, CRF, National secretary, CPI, while addressing has stated that old age home under the auspices of CRF is providing qualitative, tasty and healthy food to boarders. Medical facilities and regular health check ups are being done by Dr Rajini& Dr Saraswathi,apart from ambulance service round the clock.Women welfare Center is giving training in several trades including crafts and computers. On the basis of these certificates many got employment as well.

Allu Aravind, noted film producer after inaugurating open air theatre has stated that this function is giving an impression that as if I am enjoying a function in my own house. Dr Garikapaty Raja Rao founder of Andhra Pradesh Prajanatyamandali has inspired Allu Ramalingaiah into organisation. He used to say that he will take his wife into communist processions. Allu Aravind has requested IPTA organisers to send a photo of Garikapaty Raja Rao, for which he will be indebted to IPTA.

Mallampati Venkateshwar Rao , retired scientist, CSIR,while addressing has recollected his memories of his child hood. Some people have come to my house and stayed three four days. Suddenly in one night they left our home. Subsequently I came to know that police are chasing them. In our village all of our relatives are communists. We used to participate in communist processions carrying red flags. He has appreciated the commendable service giving to old age people by CR Foundation.

Dr K Narayana, president, has presided over the meeting while Palla Venkata Reddy general secretary, CRF has welcomed the guests. V Chennakeshava Rao proposed vote of thanks and Palle Narsimha, state general secretary, IPTA has sung a song on com Chandra Rajeshwera Rao. Organisers have felicitated guests with shawls on this occasion.



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