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National Science Day Celebrated

Neelam Rajasekhar Reddy Research Centre today organized today (24th February) the National Science Day (28th February ) celebrations from 10.00 a.m to 1.45 p.m. Sri Anwar Basha and Dr B V Vijayalakshmi conducted an elocution competition on ' What is needed today- Science or Superstitious beliefs'. 11 students participated in the competition and a panel of judges selected the best speakers. Four of them were awarded first to fourth prizes. The remaining were given the participation prizes.

The cultural wing of NRRRC with the help of Praja Natya Mandali organized a cultural balley and group songs extolling the famous scientists with the participation of 15 students from Mahabhashyam school. Sri Krishnaiah of Praja Natya Mandali led the program. The balley was choreographed by the teacher of Mahabhashyam school. An half an hour impressive cultural program was conducted and the participants enjoyed it.

It was followed by a seminar on 'Science and Youth '. Dr K Purnachandra Rao, Director, NRRRC presided over the function. Sri D. Papa Rao, Economist, TV panelist and writer and Sri T. Bhaskar, former C T O, Rationalist and writer were the speakers.

Dr K. Purnachandra Rao opened the discussion and mentioned that the article 51 A(h) of Indian Constitution outlines the duties of all the citizens to develop scientific temper, humanism and spirit of enquiry. All the students, scientists and consumers are enjoying the fruits of Science in the form of Technology but are not following the spirit of enquiry, rational thinking and are mired in beliefs and even blind beliefs even after they are proved wrong.

Sri D. Papa Rao spoke that the corporates are influencing the people and are creating market for their products. They are using the latest technologies for enhancing their profits and are hampering the employment opportunities of the youth and students. There is a systematic effort to capture the minds of the youth and are building a story that everything is in our past, discounting the Science and need for rational thinking. Development of Artificial intelligence may further endanger the employment opportunities to the youth by focusing on capital intensive technologies to maximize their profits. He lamented that even the ISRO leadership is demoralizing the scientists and misguiding the public that ultimately it is the blessing of Gods and Godesses that influences the success of their missions rather than the ingenuity and teamwork of scientists and technicians .

Sri T. Bhaskar gave several instances of common beliefs and even superstitions that are guiding the people rather than rational thinking and effort. He gave the example of how all religious leaders of major religions in the world said that they can get over the problem of Covid 19 through their magical healing powers but have closed all the places of worship and had to rely on medicines and vaccines which are the products of Scientific research. He mentioned that certain beliefs originated from ignorance and they are still being held even after they are proved wrong. He emphasized that the youth should think rationally and shun the beliefs which are proved wrong in the course of human progress through the development of science and technology.

Dr K. Narayana, president of C R Foundation gave away the prizes to the winners and participants of the elocution competition.

Sri K. Ajay Kumar proposed a vote of thanks to the speakers and all those who contributed to the success of the program.



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