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D. Suresh Babu visits CRF

Sri Daggubati Suresh Babu, film producer and chief of Suresh Productions visited CR Foundation campus today.

He roamed around the facilities - Home for Aged, Women Welfare Centre, NRR Research Centre; Health Centre and LV Prasad Eye Care centres in the premises, being run by CR Foundation. He met veteran film actor Sri Kakarala, who is residing in Home for Aged. He got tested his eyes in the LV Prasad Eye Care Centre which is being jointly run by CR Foundation. Sri V. Chennakesava Rao, Treasurer, CR Foundation and Smt. Dr. K. Rajani, Director, Health Centre explained the activities of CR Foundation.

He is accompanied by media consultants Sri Kapil Suravaram and Smt. Nivedita Suravaram.



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