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CR Memorial speech 2022

Hyderabad : CPI MP P.Sandosh Kumar said RSS believe constitution of India is the main obstacle to convert India as Hindu rastra, and they have clear cut road map to convert our nation as Hindu rastra. They have clear cut road map to rewrite constitution in favour of Hindu rastra and they going to constitute , after 2024 General elections, Constitutional Assembly for new constitution. Delivering speech in a Seminar on "Constitution under threat – By whom?", organized on the occasion of Communist Legend, Former CPI General Secretay Comrade Chandra Rajeswara Rao's 108th Birth anniversary at Hyderabad, Sandosh Kumar criticized Prime Minister Modi is the least attended among Prime ministers of India to the parliament with just 3.8 percent of attendance. Parliamentary Democracy has been reduced in the regime of Mr.Modi. It is not only the Constitution but History, Freedom movement, Education system, Economy is also under threat. Unfortunately , Even independent, impartial institutions like Election Commission, Judiciary, ED were also taken control, he said. At time of constitution framing only there was a fight between two ideologies, ultimately Hindutva ideology was defeated.At that time, RSS mouth piece "Organiser" , in its editorial, it was clearly mentioned that the worst about new constitution is there is nothing about Bharathiya in it, For constitutional Pandits Manu smrithi is nothing, quoted Sandosh kumar. Even on tricolor flag also , Organiser editorial said, three word itself isa evil, three colours flag will have psychological effect. Critising congress governments, even Indira Gandhi misused Constitution to destabilize non congress governments at states and invoking emergency. But fundamental diference between BJP and Congress governments at center were congress misused but never tried to dismantle the Constitution , sandosh kumar distinctly said. "Socialism in the preamble was weakend in practice by privatization , pro corporate policies and disinvestment of PSUs. BJP leaders openly demanding removal of Secularism word from the preamble and replace with Hindu rastra. Federalism is facing greatest challenge as RSS believe Federalism is biggest enemy of India. BJP Government is using Governors institution to create obstacles to non BJP governments at states like kerala, Tamilnadu, Telangana and West Bengal" he explained. They wanted to project Hindi as National language , infact , it is an official language among 22 other languages like Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Sanskrit, as per 8th schedule of constitution, it is clear that Hindi is official language not National language. These challenges and threats to constitution, federalism, history, secularism and all have to be faced by unified struggle by Broader Left, Secular, Democratic Unity . Sandosh Kumar quoted Comrade CR's interview in 1970 in which he clearly said "Future of the country is depended on Left and democratic forces unity and they should unite with putting aside the petty issues" ,which is even relevant today and need of the hour. CPI has biggest role in formation of Broader united platform and Party Congress nearby will give clarion call on that. CPI former General Secretary, Honorable Chairman of CR Foundation Comrade Suravaram Sudhakar Reddy ridiculed the statement of PM Modi that Country needed a strong opposition. On one hand, BJP is trying with full strength to destabilize opposition parties, on other hand PM is giving call for a strong opposition is self contradicting. CPI National Secretary Comrade Dr.K.Narayana stated the contributions made by Communists to keep country united whenever there where attempts by secessionists in Jammu Kashmir, Punjab, North Eastern states. He remembered that Comrade Chandra Rajasekhara Rao was behind the idea of formation of National integration council.

*Rs.One lakh cheque to C.K.Chandrappan Memorial*

On this occasion Rs.One lakh was donated by CR Foundation for Social Progress to Comrade C.K.Chandrappan Memorial trust. Cheques was handed over to Sandosh Kumar by CR Foundation Honorable Chairman Suravaram Sudhakar Reddy and President Dr.K.Narayan. Com Palla Venkat Reddy, Ex. MLA, CR Foundation General Secretary; Sri K. Ramakrishna, Secretary, CPI AP & Executive Member; Sri PJ Chandra Sekhara Rao, Ex.MLC, Secretary; Sri V. Chennakesava Rao, Treasurer; Dr. K. Poornachandra Rao, Director, Neelam Rajasekhara Reddy, Research Centre; Smt. Dr. K. Rajani, Director, Heath Centre; Smt. D. Krishnakumari , Director, Women Welfare Centre were among the participants.



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